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Definitions of "a"

One; any indefinite example of; used to denote a singular item of a group.
One certain or particular; any single. Brown, Lesley, (2003)
The same; one.
Any, every; used before a noun which has become modified to limit its scope; also used with a negative to indicate not a single one.Lindberg, Christine A. (2007)
Someone or something like; similar to;
In, on, at, by, towards, onto.
In, into.
Each, per, in, on, by.
In, with.
In the course of, experiencing.
Engaged in.
To, into.
Can also be attached without hyphen, as asunder. See a-
Can also be attached without hyphen, as afloat, awake. See a-.
Can also be attached with or without hyphen, as a-changing
A meaningless syllable; ah.
Distance from leading edge to aerodynamic center.
specific absorption coefficient
specific rotation
allele (recessive)

Sentence examples with "a"

compensation paid to a beneficiary in full settlement ofErbabfindung
one-day coach excursion involving a sales presentationKaffeefahrt
preservation of the character and appearance of towns aOrtsbildpflege
an ape's ape, a varlet's a varlet though they be clad in silk or scarlet.Ein Aff bleibt ein Aff, er mag König werden oder Pfaff.
ask a stupid question, and you get a stupid answer.Auf eine dumme Frage bekommt man eine dumme Antwort.
a good tale is none the worse for being told twice.Es schadet nie, eine gute Geschichte zweimal zu erzählen.
the public prosecutor brought a charge of murder against him.Der Staatsanwalt hat Anklage wegen Mordes gegen ihn erhoben.
a prophet is not without honor save in his own country.Ein Prophet gilt nichts im eigenen Land.
it's cold enough to freeze the balls off a brass monkey.Man kann sich die Beine abfrieren vor Kälte.
a penny is sometimes better spent than spared.Ein ausgegebener Pfennig ist oft nützlicher als ein gesparter.


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