"The diversity of languages ​​amazes us. Today, 7,000 languages are ​​spoken around the world."

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Hablaa.com was founded in 2011 in Switzerland. In addition to our Online Dictionaries, we are specialists in professional translation. Our global network of translators is here for you to edit your translations in the shortest time and at the best price.

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Enter the text to be translated, or upload the appropriate document - our online calculator calculates to you the price within seconds. With one click you give us the translation order. By submitting your e-mail address is sufficient. By this address you may also get the completed translated document back.

Our unrivaled price structure makes it possible, that SMEs and start-ups from now can offer their multilingual corporate brochures and website. Even for individuals enjoy this translation service and more popularity. Book your Hotel Reservation in Japan in Japanese in the future!

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