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Absolutely no registration neeeded, no long forms. You simply add your text, give us your email address and checkout using PayPal or your credit card.

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Our pricing is simple. 5 cents per word, no matter what language combination your are choosing. The first 100 words are even free for new customers.

Human Translation

All our translations are made by human beings. Our translators are native speakers and only translate into their native language. Try it now for free!

How it works

Translators from all over the world are translating your documents. They are split into smaller parts and translated by multiple translators simultaneously. A final review by a professional translator ensures the consistency and quality of the translation.


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Localize your content

Translate your content into different languages to reach more people and potential customers. Understand foreign texts and documents and offer multilingual support.

An overview


Mother tongue translators and a sophisticated review process ensure quality translations for you.


Our prices are lower than expected. You can have your content translated without having to spend a fortune.


Translations at Hablaa are fast, actually very fast at good quality. Usually you receive your translation within 24 hours.


We use the power of crowdsourced translations to better and faster translate your content and documents.


All our translations are reviewed by human translators than only translate into their mother tongue.


When it is convenient we use machine translation for pre-translating content and review it by a human translator.


Every translation made is saved in our translation memory. You never pay twice for the same translation.


We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you are not satisfied with a translation you get your money back.

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What our customers say

Frank Meier

"I had my CV translated by Hablaa. Besides the quality of the translation, I really like the easy and hassle free order process."

David Wright

"Why I chose Hablaa? To be honest, I was a bit late and I really needed a document translated to German. Hablaa could guarantee to translate it within 24 hours. So they did."

Steven Nkuma

"Hablaa is for me the perfect combination of simplicity, translation quality and an outstanding customer service."

Tania Solund

"I first tried to translate my E-Mail using Machine Translation. I quickly gave up and decided to try Hablaa. I don't regret it at all ;-)"

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Hablaa offers much better quality than machine translation and is very affordable. Let us grow and prosper together!


$0.05 cent per word

Yes, it is that simple.


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