How to become a freelance translator

How to become a freelance translator? There are an abundant number of opportunities available for people that want to work as freelance translators. What people that are interested in this must do is make a plan to acquire the most viable positions that are available. This often starts with accessing the area of specialty.

Picking The Language

Italian? French? Spanish?

Italian? French? Spanish? What language should I speialize in as a Freelancer?


The very first thing that you must consider when you are translating is the language that you would like to interpret. Some translators are fluent in a multitude of different languages, but others may choose to specialize in one.

A lot of the language that you specialize in may be based on your background and interests. People that have taken certain courses in high school may find it easier to further their studies in the college realm. In contrast, some people may have found certain high school language courses difficult. These people may actually choose another language to study in order to build their skills as a translator.

It has been stated that it is always best for a person to interpret in their native language. This is a valuable tip to consider because every language has a certain amount of slang. Colleges may prepare students to learn a language in great detail, but there are some words and phrases that are only going to make sense to native speakers of the language.

The Best Universities To Consider

Lots of universities are known for translation classes, but there are some universities that have a better reputation for the programs that are offered. When a translation school is considered it should be linked to a program that will help you make the transition from school to an actual job.

One of the best schools is the United States is New York University. It has 25 different language programs. This foreign language program is the oldest program in the United States. There are also some great programs in California because there are so many issues with immigration laws in this state. There is actually an increased demand for certified interpreters and that makes it much easier to enter the job market. California State University in Fresno and The University of California in San Diego both offer great Spanish and English interpretation programs.

How to Land Jobs

Land jobs as a freelancer

Land jobs as a freelancer


The people that land jobs quickly are the ones that specialize in the common languages that require translation. Spanish is the most common second language in the United States. People that have the ability to translate in this language will have a wide range of options. The first thing that they need to do is consider job career planning offices in the colleges where they were trained. These career planning specialists will have access to some job opportunities that are not posted anywhere else.

In most cases the jobs for freelance companies are going to come from organizations from other countries that build on American soil. This is very common in the automotive industry. There is always a need for bilingual people in organizations that have employees from other countries. The language barriers can be great for corporate leaders that only speak in their native language. They will need someone that can interpret their speech to other employees withing the organization. Sometimes entire teams arrive from other countries with their native language as their only language. These type of situations provide abundant opportunities for translators.

Discover The Tools You Need

Discover useful tools for translators

Discover useful tools for translators


People that are interested in becoming freelance translators will need to be open to travel. It is much easier to find a job if you are flexible. This may mean traveling out of the country at times. That is why it is so important to have an up to date passport.

It is also a good idea to get certified. This is going to be the quickest way to find a job. Translators that have certifications will always have a better disposition than translators that do not.

Translator software is also very valuable for workers in the world of freelance translation. Some people may already by fluent in multiple languages, but they may not use the language that they plan to interpret often. The remedy for this is translation software. These tools are perfect for people that know certain languages but are in need of refresher courses. Most of these types of translation tools come in different levels so programs can be purchased based on the level that you need help in.

There are also books and audio CDs that can help people that need to refresh their memory on a language that they are already familiar with. There are even some books that are designed with tips specifically for translators that are trying to succeed as freelance workers.

The Online Resources That you Need To Check Out

Freelance translators will have many different online resources. There are online job forums that can provide advice from working translators. These forums are valuable because they inform new translators about what they can expect.

Social media sites are also very important because this allows people to connect with others while marketing their skills. LinkedIn is perfect because it is a business-based social media platform. This is bound to generate buzz among other friends that may have leads on freelance translator positions. Many people also promote themselves through Facebook and Twitter.

It is also possible to land jobs by searching websites that are designed for freelance work opportunities. There are some companies that post part-time positions for freelancers. One short term position may lead another based on your work performance. This is often the best way to get referrals for other jobs.
There are a websites like and that have jobs specifically designed for people that work for themselves. These websites may have bountiful opportunities for people that are interested in freelance translator jobs. The great thing about using these websites is that you are not bound by geographical location. You can search for jobs all over the world with these websites.

Marketing Yourself
Market yourself as a freelancer

Market yourself as a freelancer


One of the best investments for freelance translators is a website. This is going to be the easiest way to promote yourself on a global level. When someone makes a decision to become a translator they have to think big. Translation services are needed all over the world. People that want to develop a resume and gain an expertise in this field must make efforts to advertise to the masses.

In addition to building a website you must also build a profile on different social media and freelance work websites. A lot of freelance translators make the mistake of looking for working without actually building a profile. Sometimes it is easier for a company to find workers than it is for workers to discover companies that need their services. When freelancers build a profile with their skills displayed on these sites they are much more likely to receive inquiries about their skill set.

There are also some organizations that may require volunteers that can translate. This is always a great stepping stone for people to display their skills. A person that is volunteering as a translator can open doors to new opportunities with other people that may be in positions to hire.

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