Language learning forum Linguaholic

In this post I would like to share a new language learning forum with you. It goes by the name Linguaholic and is meant for learners of foreign languages. The forum currently has subforums featuring threads about learning languages. There are apps and linkfor the following languages: English, Chinese, Japanese, Spanish, German and French. Strikingly the forum seems to attract many hyperpolyglots from different parts of the world. Whilst still being new, there is no doubt that the Linguaholic forum will soon become a favorite amongst the language learning community. Most users post multiple topics and return often to the forum. The atmosphere is friendly and supportive and most importantly your questions are answered quickly. I signed up myself a couple of weeks ago and got sucked in by interesting conversations and topics around mastering foreign languages. Here is what the forum looks like:

Language learning forum linguaholic

Language learning forum linguaholic

New language learning forum

If you are interested in learning a new foreign language or you want to talk about your progress in a language you are already studying the forum might be for you.  I suggest you to check out Linguaholic. It is a nice place to post questions about grammar or vocabulary or for general language talking. Go to the Linguaholic language study forum and let me know what you think about it. And yes, let them know that we sent you!

I once had a question about a grammar issue in Japanese that I was not sure about. The specific question was about the past tense in Japanese in general and how to form it. Once I put up this question in the Japanese section in the forums I took the first person less than 5 minutes to answer. Later on many other would follow and answer my question in a friendly manner. So if you ever have questions related to languages, go to linguaholic language learning forum.

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